DDA Adaptations

Problems with Hearing is no longer a proplem when it comes to fire Safety


The Ei170RF is a mains powered with rechargeable battery back up, alarm kit for the deaf and hard of hearing. The kit contains a Xenon strobe light that provide and plug in vibrating pillow pad that will activate when the interconnected alarms are triggered to alert the user to the danger.

The Ei170RF kit is compatible with the 3000Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm Ei2110e160e Series alarms and 140RC Series smoke and heat alarms, along with any interconnected Carbon Monoxide alarms. This kit links into the alarm system using  RadioLINK wireless interconnection technology, making it easier to add into a system and causing less disruption to the occupants on installation.

An integral ‘Test’ button is also present on the front of the unit, allowing an easy means of testing the strobe, vibration pad and the RadioLINK enabled alarms in the system.

As with other RadioLINK products the Ei170 Alarm Kit for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will need to be linked into the alarm system or ‘House Coded’. View our  step by step guide to House Coding here.

Operation of the Ei170RF

  • The green ‘power’ indicator light on the front of the strobe unit will illuminate to show mains power is present.
  • If the mains power fails, the green indicator will extinguish and change to an amber flash every 4 seconds to indicate that the unit is running on battery back-up. If the battery back-up becomes depleted, the amber ‘Fault’ indicator will flash once every 4 seconds.
  • On receipt of a RadioLINK alarm or test signal, the strobe will flash and the vibration pad will be activated. the red ‘Alarm’ indicator light will also flash.
  • Pressing the ‘Test’ button will check and activate the strobe and vibration pad. The unit will also send out a RadioLINK alarm signal that will activate all RadioLINK units in the system.